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Brooms are densely packed with high-quality bristles and it is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The best broom can collect a lot more of that smaller dust and debris that vacuum cleaners miss. Collecting the right brooms is more about finding the broom that offers optimal performance on the surface you are sweeping. So, you want to tailor the purchase of the broom you choose the actual surface that you will be sweeping. Find the top 100+ brooms most popular items in Amazon Best Sellers.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Broom and Dustpan Set for Home, Dustpan and Broom Set, Broom and Dustpan Combo for Office Home...
  • No Bending Clean Up: The broom and dustpan set for home has upgrade 52" long broom handle which...
  • Dustpan Teeth: The broom with dustpan combo set builts in comb teeth for easy to scrape off the hair...
  • Dustpan's Flexible Rubber Lip: The broom and dustpan set's flexible rubber lip conforms to clean all...
  • Efficient and Large Area Cleaning: The broom and dustpan set heavy duty is made of high quality/soft...
Bestseller No. 2
Radley & Stowe Angle Broom & Dustpan Set with Dual-Textured Bristles (Grey)
  • EFFECTIVE: Large angled head makes sweeping hard-to-reach corners, baseboards, and under furniture...
  • DUAL-TEXTURED BRISTLES: Uniquely designed soft and firm bristles have frayed ends to efficiently...
  • EASY STORAGE: Dustpan clips onto broom handle for convenient and compact storage when you're done...
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE: Can be used on a variety of surfaces in your home including wood, tile, and...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Broom Strongest 80% Heavier Duty - Outdoor Broom Indoor Broom, Angle Broom with Extendable...
  • EVERYDAY HOME ESSENTIAL — A dusty home is the worst nightmare that nobody wants to go through —...
  • SOFT BRISTLES, WIDE DESIGN — Strong yet ultra-soft bristles on a 13” wide head help you swipe...
  • ADJUSTABLE & STURDY METAL HANDLE — The handle of the bristle broom is 50” thick for a heavy-duty...
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING — Made with premium-quality polypropylene, the floor cleaning broom is...
Bestseller No. 4
Yocada Heavy-Duty Broom Outdoor Commercial Perfect for Courtyard Garage Lobby Mall Market Floor Home...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. This...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. 3...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. Our...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. The...
Bestseller No. 5
AmazonCommercial Angle Broom with Vinyl-Coated Metal Handle - 6-Pack
  • 6-pack of brooms; ideal for sweeping smooth, dry floors and cleaning hard-to-reach areas
  • Angled cut bristles efficiently reach into corners; 9 inch sweep face; 6-1/4 inch trim length
  • Flagged polypropylene bristles (splintered ends) effectively capture fine particles
  • Sturdy metal handle with colored powder coating
Bestseller No. 6
Broom and Dustpan/Dustpan with Broom Combo with 52" Long Handle for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby...
  • Patent No:D919916, Upgrade Broom and Dustpan Measures Over 52"overall tall by 10" width,Lobby Broom...
  • Broom and dust pan Snaps together for easy stand-up storage, save your space and easy for moving.
  • Lobby Dust Pan and Broom is perfect for all on-the-move applications for sweeping up and carrying...
  • Built in scraper and comb/Teeth for easy to Clean Broom into Dustpan ,Clean Pet Hair and Human Hair...
Bestseller No. 7
Libman Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan
  • 10" wide maid broom with 53" total height
  • 3/4" Steel handle with hanger hole, and solid one piece resin block
  • Longer life, environmentally-friendly recycled PET fiber
  • Great for all housekeeping needs
Bestseller No. 8
Yocada Heavy-Duty Broom Outdoor Indoor Commercial 3 PCS Perfect for Courtyard Garage Lobby Mall...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. This...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. 3...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. Our...
  • Our broom head looks like used but it is new, because it is a special technology we add to it. The...
Bestseller No. 9
Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Broom, Blue and White
  • Durable plastic broom for outdoor or industrial use
  • 3-piece interlocking broom handle breaks down for easy storage or custom height adjustment
  • Strong, extra-stiff plastic bristles won’t weaken or break during tough cleaning jobs
  • Ideal for outdoor patios, sidewalks, driveways or industrial spaces, workshops, garages, and more
Bestseller No. 10
Weiler 44009 56" Length, 7/8" Diameter Wooden Handle , 5 Sews, 100% Corn Fill, Heavy-Duty Upright...
  • 100 Percent corn fill material can be used indoors and outdoors
  • 5 Sew corn fill brrom is bound to a 7/8" diameter solid wood handle with a metall wire binding
  • Durable enough to meet all industrial and commercial applications including wet or dry applications
  • Click on the Weiler Link at the top of this page to visit the Weiler Brand Store

List Of Top 5 Best Brooms In 2021

#1. Casabella Basics Broom with Dustpan

Casabella Basics Angled Set, Silver/Green, Broom with Dustpan
  • ANGLED BROOM AND DUSTPAN SET: Angled head and bristles easily reach into corners, under furniture,...
  • DURABLE BRISTLES WITH SPLIT TIPS: Densely-packed bristles with split flagged tips efficiently sweep...
  • MULTI-SURFACE: Can be used on a variety of flooring surfaces including tile, wood, and laminate
  • THREE-PIECE TAKE-APART POLE: Easy to assemble and disassemble for convenient storage in closets,...

This broom feature a broad and angled brush with densely packed bristles and flagged tips that simply choose small bits of dust and debris. This is perfect for those looking to do a quick and easy clean-up. It dustpan snap together for easy storage which is perfect for those who like to keep their tings together.

The brooms are very easy to set up. It features three poles that connect easily by twisting together. The broom’s head also attaches with the same twisting motion. The tool included dustpan features a number of teeth for cleaning dust away from the bottom of the bristles. The tool also comes with the added bonus of a lifetime warranty.

#2. Outlet Broom Portable Foldable Sweeping Set

Super Z Outlet Dustpan and Broom Portable Foldable Sweeping Set Combo for Indoor Home Office Kitchen...
  • Broom and dust pan snaps together for easy stand-up storage and organization, very portable and...
  • Attached "self-cleaning bristles" that scrape on the edge of the dustpan makes it easy to comb away...
  • Both broom and dustpan handles are easy to disassemble for even more compact storage! Each section...
  • An essential cleaning tool for any household cleaner set, keep dust, pet hairs, food, and more...

The set and dustpan combination is great as it easily snaps together for convenient storage and organization. The edge of the dustpan features and additional scraper broom makes it a lot easier to ensure you are not leaving out any extra waste after each sweep.

Bristles and the broom the dustpan handles are very easy to disassemble which allows for even more compact storage if needed. Made up high-quality plastic material, the broom dustpan and it the right addition to any household cleaning set.

#3. OXO Good Grips Any Angle Broom

OXO Good Grips Any Angle Broom,Silver,1 EA
  • Broom head clicks into place at different angles with a tap of your foot
  • Great for ergonomic sweeping, accessing tight spaces and reaching into ceiling corners
  • Lightweight, aluminum pole for easy sweeping and maneuvering
  • Feathered tip bristles ideal for grabbing dust and dirt

This set makes our list with a highly practical broom designed to deliver top-notch performance in any condition. OXO Good Grips Any Angle Broom is very ergonomic as well and can easily be maneuvered into places that are hard to reach, including far-reaching ceiling corners. The set handle is soft and comfortable to grip whereas the all-angle functionality of this broom makes it one of the best choices out there at this point in time.

#4. Rubbermaid Lobby Broom

Rubbermaid Commercial 6374 7-1/2" Length x 2" Width x 35" Height, Black Color, Polypropylene Lobby...
  • Ideal for one-handed cleaning under tables, fixtures and hard to reach areas
  • Ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies
  • Tough polypropylene with flagged bristles trap fine particles
  • Will not stain, discolor or absorb odors

The premier broom from Rubbermaid Lobby broom stands out through its highly ergonomic construction, one that recommends it for any type of job. This broom isn’t just suitable for household usage either, many thanks to its flexible yet very sturdy design. It can be used on both dry and wet floors as it is stain and odor resistant.

#5. Libman Precision Angle Broom

Libman 201 Precision Angle Broom with Recycled Broom Fibers
  • Precisely cut to reach under tight corners indoors and outdoors
  • Flagged broom fibers result in more debris moved with every sweep
  • Longer life than your typical broom, with environmentally friendly, recycled broom fibers made from...
  • 53.5" steel broom handle with a 7" plastic broom block and 11" sweeping surface.

It comes in a wide range when it comes to price, from cheap to eyebrow-raising price tags. Moreover, the right budget doesn’t have to mean cheap quality build you get from the low-end options. The brooms best to get value for money and not those falling bristles and brittle handles easily snap with some force.

Actually, it Libman precision angle broom provides both reliability and good price for your cleaning needs. It will stay together while effectively cleaning up small and large dust and debris without losing bristles or breaking.

The broom features a high quality made from sturdy polypropylene for its block. Its electrostatic powder-coated stick won’t break or bend so easily, making it reliable for heavy sweeping. The broom angled brush features a slightly bent design for easier handling and reach.

#6. O-cedar Angle Broom

O-Cedar Angle Broom 159833 Outdoor Power Angle Broom, Assorted Colors
  • Assorted Colors Outdoor Power Angle Broom
  • Durable Bristles Sweep Heavy & Wet Debris
  • Bristle Fiber Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Angled To Sweep Hard To Reach Areas

When come the best brooms, we highly recommend an o-cedar angle broom. The set comes to eco-friendly products, this broom is sure to occupy a place in every list out there. The cleaner made out of recycled bottles, which makes it environmentally-friendly to an impressive standard.

During this time, the brooms metal handle has a sleek black finish which is also very easy to grip and use. The bristle of the tool themselves is robust and stiff and does a superb work of dealing with wet and heavy debris.

#7. OXO Upright Sweep Set

OXO Good Grips Upright Sweep Set
  • Stands upright for comfortable sweeping
  • Dustpan locks in open position for easy emptying
  • Broom snaps to Dustpan for upright storage
  • The broom has flagged bristles resulting in a larger surface area and a soft, feathered texture that...

The oxo upright sweep set includes a broom and a dustpan, which can be stored together as the broom can be attached with the dustpan for easy and space-effective storage. It has teeth combs that simply pick up dirt and dust from the bristles of the broom. It features soft and top quality bristles that work very well in absorbing dust and dirt while cleaning up dirt of any texture or thickness.

#8. Carlisle Dustpan & Broom Combo

Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo, 3 Foot Overall Height, Black
  • Locking Bail – Dustpan pivots providing secure debris collection and easy, hands-free emptying
  • Folds Flat – Pivoting bail and integrated hanging holes allow the broom and dustpan to hang for...
  • Broom Comb – Serrated edge of the dustpan combs dust, hair and debris out of broom bristles ideal...
  • Steel Handle – Vinyl coated steel handle designed for daily use in commercial and residential...

The broom’s design of the dustpan is a vital consideration to check out before making the order. It is a perfect dustpan with a foldable design for compact storage. Apart from this, the broom has an integrated hanging hole for easy hanging of the broom for efficient storage.

It has serrated edges that aids in removing the hair and debris out of the broom. The broom quality steel handle made from vinyl-coated steel handle has been designed to assure long-term service. The locking bail pivot offers a secure debris collection plus easy hands-free emptying. Finally, it is a handy dustpan that will perfectly suit your cleaning needs.

#9. Black & Decker Angle Broom

Black & Decker 261019 Angle Broom
  • Dipped end cap
  • Rubber bumper
  • Reaches into tight spaces
  • Comfortable and secure foam grip 

This is an angle broom that has a slim head, which makes it easier to fit into tight spaces and crevices. The brackets that fix the tool head to the handle are designed to prevent it from twisting around whilst it is being used. Broom the comforts of the long handle is created by the foam grip, which is securely fixed to the hardy steel handle.

Black & decker angle broom is extremely ergonomic and convenient and lets you reach into the tightest and smallest of places. The handle and bristles both are exceptionally well-made and provide very efficient cleaning. It’s perfect for all any place setting, be it your home, office, or outdoors.

It is strong and has split tips to make it easier to gather dust and small particles of dirt. The bristles do not seem like they are likely to fray, and the broom head is surrounded by a rubber bumper that doesn’t damage occurring when cleaning near walls.

#10. O-cedar Angler Angle Broom With Dust Pan

O-Cedar PowerCorner Angle Broom with Dustpan
  • This angle broom has double bristle technology with soft grey bristles to collect Fine dust and hair...
  • Features flare-tip technology at end of bristles to capture fine dust and hair
  • Includes a wide mouth dust Pan that conveniently locks onto the broom handle for easy storage
  • The dust pan has a rubber lip to ensure dirt sweeps into the pan, not under

Featuring subtle-innovative features, the o-cedar angler angle broom with dust pan makes out top pick for great reason. This is sports a simple straightforward design, however, its features make it extra effective and faster in sweeping the floor.

This broom feature helps capture hair pet, hair, and debris. The bristle technology making it a denser brush compared to common brooms on the market. The brooms bristle and head makes sure you sweep up both small and large debris alike effectively. So it comes with angled bristles, it features a flat-contact design for full contact on your floor.

However, it features an ergonomically designed head and handles. Benefit for, you don’t hurt your back and wrist as you sweep-up the floor. The set comes as a set with a well-designed dustpan of the same width avoiding over-sweeping. Brooms dustpan pair also features a rubber edge that makes sure debris and dust slide cleanly unto it rather than below.

#11. O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Maxi-Lok Push Broom

O-Cedar Professional 24" Multi-Surface Maxi-Lok Push Broom
  • Commercial-Grade quality push broom built with soft outer bristles that sweep up fine dirt...
  • The 24" Multi-Surface push broom features Maxi-Lok technology and anti-rotation socket so broom head...
  • This broom is eco-friendly with broom block and bristles made of 80% recycled material
  • Designed for all outdoor sweeping - garages, sidewalks, decks and other outdoor surfaces

The tool multi-surface broom might look basic at first glance, but it offers exceptional performance on a variety of surfaces as its name suggests. The broom not only does feature commercial-grade materials and build quality, but it truly excels when used on concrete. The product was designed from its inception to work on a variety of surfaces that you will find outdoors. Because of the tool offers, exceptional sweeping performance on everything from sidewalks to patios to garages.

So thanks to O-Cedar Professional 24″ Multi-Surface Maxi-Lok Push Broom, it can be considered one of the largest out there, especially in this price range. It is the most popular choice of broom and one of the best-selling brooms out there today. It soft bristles on the outside effortlessly sweep away every speck of dust and dirt, while the broom’s inner bristles take care of bigger and heavier dust particles.

#12. Weiler 44008 Heavy-Duty Warehouse Broom

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The best broom from Weiler is another very popular choice because of its efficacy, reliability, and durability. The broom constructed out of corn and fiber-filled materials, this broom provides a very natural and effective response while cleaning, thus easing your effort in the process.

It is a natural-looking traditional style broom that has a 39” long wooden handle. The tool head is entirely made of bristles and shaped to create a broom that is entirely straight.

The model makes it a handy broom to clean along skirting and in crevices, and the bristles did not shed. The broom provided a thorough cleaning when sweeping hard floors and remained upright when stored by being leaned against a wall.


This type of brush has offered reliable when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning. The broom lets you can clean through rough surfaces easily while effectively pushing off large and heavy debris.

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