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Best Crawfish Cooker – Top 10 Detailed Reviews

Sustainable seafood is not only nutritious it’ also incredibly versatile,  meaning the way to cook it and the potential flavors are endless. However, for your needs here is the crawfish guide on selecting the best crawfish cooker and the unbiased reviews of professional crawfish cooker models which you would be helpful for your cooking. You can check out this review with the best acai powder. Find the top 100+ best crawfish cooker most popular items in Amazon Best Sellers.

SaleBestseller No. 1
CreoleFeast CFB1001 Crawfish Seafood Boiler Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker with 10-psi Regulator for Crawfish Season, Patio Cooking, Backyard Party
  • LARGE CAPACITY: The boiler cooks up to 50 lb. of crawfish or seafood at one time with 90 qt. of...
  • HIGH OUTPUT: Two durable jet burners deliver a total of 135,000 BTU.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: The hinged tilting perforated basket, made of aluminum, makes it easy for...
  • AMPLE SPACE FOR FOOD PREPARATION: Foldable side table offers extra work or prep space and keeps your...
SaleBestseller No. 2
CreoleFeast CFT2018 Crawfish Seafood Boiler Cast Iron Burner Cooker Fryer Combo Outdoor Stove Propane Cooker with 10-psi Regulator, for Backyard Cooking Party
  • VERSATILE USES: Combo design delivers a 3-in-1 option, including crawfish boiler and cast iron...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: The crawfish boiler cooks up to 50 lb. of crawfish or seafood in 30 minutes with 90...
  • HIGH OUTPUT: Consisting of 2 durable burners, the jet burner and the cast iron burner deliver an...
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: The hinged tilting perforated basket, made of aluminum, makes it easy for...
Bestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
King Kooker Propane Outdoor Fry Boil Package with 2 Pots
  • Heavy duty welded outdoor cooker, 33, 000 BTU cast burners
  • 29 qt. Aluminum turkey pot with lid and basket, lifting rack & hook
  • Aluminum fry pan and basket with heat resistant handle
  • Listed LP hose and regulator with Type 1 connection with battery operated timer
SaleBestseller No. 5
Bayou Classic SP2 Double Jet Cooker with Hose Guard
  • Double jet cooker with hose guard
  • 18-Inch diameter cooking surface
  • 11-1/2-Inch welded steel frame with 48-Inch lpg stainless braided hose
  • High pressure regulator with brass control valve
SaleBestseller No. 6
GasOne 200, 000 BTU Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove Propane Gas Cooker with Adjustable 0-20Psi Regulator & Steel Braided Hose Perfect for Home Brewing, Turkey Fry, Maple Syrup Prep
  • Portability - portable cast iron one burner camp stove, sturdy and durable design, made of cast iron...
  • High heat output- 200, 000 BTU; fully adjustable heat-control regulator knob (paint chipping after...
  • Heavy-duty- perfect for brewing, camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, emergency preparedness, etc. ,...
  • Safety- heat adjustable regulator included for use with propane tank, hose included for attaching to...
SaleBestseller No. 7
Bayou Classic 4060 60-Quart All Purpose Aluminum Stockpot with Steam and Boil Basket
  • Commercial strength aluminum
  • Vented lid, heavy duty riveted handles
  • Strongest perforated basket available
  • Deep Fry chicken, fish and hushpuppies, steam and boil seafood, crawfish, clams, and vegetables
Bestseller No. 8
Loco Cookers LCTSK80 80 Quart Outdoor Cooking and Boiling Kit for Crawfish and Seafood Boils
  • AMAZING BOIL KIT: 80-quart outdoor cooking and boiling kit that's designed to cook up to 40 pounds...
  • COMES WITH: Kit includes a boiling pot, basket with Twist & Drain technology, lift hook, lid assist...
  • TWIST & DRAIN: Twist & Drain system allows the basket to rest in place for easy, hands-free draining
  • STAINLESS STEEL BURNERS: Powerful stainless steel double burners have a long lifespan and crank up...
Bestseller No. 9
ARC USA, S100B, 100QT-25 Gallon, Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Basket for Cooking, Stockpot with Boil Basket, Crab Cooker, Deep Fryer, Seafood Boil Pot, Caryfish Pot, Crawfish Pot
  • Our stainless steel crawfish boil pot is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking equipment....
  • Our stainless steel cookware does not apply any coating, and is free of health hazard. Food-grade...
  • The holes in the strainer basket are evenly distributed. Multi-directional water filtration, quick...
  • The handle of strainer basket can move, does not occupy space, and has high flexibility.
Bestseller No. 10
LoCo Cookers LCKT80 80qt Crawfish Kit, 80 quart, Silver
  • Powerful heat output with 5 PSI regulator quickly brings water to boil, so you can get cooking and...
  • Handy patent-pending Twist & Drain system allows the basket to nest while cooking and rest over the...
  • Heavy-duty aluminum pot and basket provide lasting quality while the powder-coated stand resists...
  • Cook up to 45 lbs of food

1. King Kooker Crawfish Boiler

King Kooker 4545 Jet Burner with 70 Quart Aluminum Pot with Hinged Basket, OS, Multi
  • Heavy duty 192,000 BTU jet burner
  • 70 Quart aluminum pot with hinged lid and basket
  • Pot and lid can be used for supporting Table
  • Listed LP hose and regulator w/type 1 connection

If you looking for the best crawfish cooker, we highly recommend the king kooker crawfish boiler. Because it has it all down and this boiler is the best bang for the buck. This is great for all of your needs, and it features a 70-quart aluminum pot with hinged lid and basket.

However, the cooker is made from heavy-duty and incredibly durable 192,00 BTU jet burners, which is where most of the magic happens. It has also got a cooking thermometer and this is great at cooking lots of crawfish in a big batch for you and your family.

The cooker is also comprised of a high-pressure regulator that connects to the propane gas cylinder for a high-pressure supply of gas for the unit. It comprises a 70-quart aluminum pot which is perfectly designed with the hinged lid for easy opening and closing of the unit while boiling.

It can be used for supporting the unit while it on the table and it comes with a cooking thermometer which makes checking the temperature of the boiling water.

2.Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler

Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler
  • Holds up to 40-lbs of crawfish plus corn, potatoes, and sausage Dual Stainless Jet Burners - powered...
  • Easy lift basket slides seafood down lid into cooler
  • Spigot allows for easy clean-up
  • Heavy gauge aluminum and stainless construction

This is Just The Unit For Crawfish Boils,  which is the best crawfish cooker if you want to make a medium to large-sized batch. The Bayou Classic Seafood Boiler is a 70 quart-sized boiler but you can also get the 160-quart size.

It includes 2 burners with the 100-quart unit and 3 burners with the 160-quart unit. However it totally depends on the size the best suits your needs, and it can hold either 40 or 80 Lbs.

The best crawfish cooker is the designer seafood boiler which belongs to the unit for crawfish boils and it is made out of sturdy and durable steel material that is coated with black color and equipped with stainless steel jet burners for healthy and even cooking.

Actually it designed to hold seafood up to 40-80 lbs crawfish and also it can be used for sausages and potatoes and corns. It 30-psi high-pressure regulator can provide up to 200000 BTU’s of high heating power and this is ideal for evenly boiling of the foods.

3. King Kooker 5012 Portable Propane Outdoor Boiling

King Kooker 5012 Portable Propane Outdoor Boiling and Steaming Cooker Package with 50-Quart Aluminum Pot and Steaming Basket
  • Bolt Together 12-Inch 54,000 BTU Flat Top Outdoor Cooker
  • 15000 BTU flat top outdoor cooker
  • Great for steaming clams

Then we discussed the king kooker 5012 portable propane outdoor boiling cooker that is the best crawfish cooker. It comes with a reasonable price that is steaming the seafood would become easier and comfortable for you with the excellent lunch of the cooker.

The crawfish cooker is the basic steaming and boiling unit by King Kooker which is known for its multiple usages like steaming and boiling all types of foods with ease. This is great size enough to boil crawfish for about 25-20 per batch. So it can be a great choice for the homeowners who want to enjoy the steaming and boiling of the food with the great unit.

However, this is an ideal product that is great for steaming clams and boiling seafood. The cooker unit is suitable for outdoor cooking and it comes with 54,000 BTU  flat top outdoor cookers which can release high pressure of heat for faster boiling.

It comes with a 50-quart pot capacity. Even its metal frame with the jet burner is capable of holding the unit for optimal boiling. The best crawfish cooker is easy to assemble and it is a value buy, although it is made of cheap materials.

4. Bayou Classic Crawfish Cooker

Bayou Classic KDS-160 Stainless 62qt Boiler/Steamer
  • Stainless 62-qt stockpot with lid; 13. 6-In wide x 17. 3-In high interior measure
  • Indentation on stockpot wall to support basket 3-in above pot bottom for steaming.
  • Perforated stainless basket for boiling or steaming.
  • All stainless cooker frame construction; 16-in wide cooking surface x 12-in tall

When you looking for the best seafood boiler cooker then we highly recommend the bayou classic crawfish cooker KDS-160 Stainless 62qt Boiler. Because it comes with a reasonable price and boilers. So it can be another powerful and amazing seafood boiler by Bayou classic.

It comes in a classic design with modern boiling features, and everything is made of stainless steel and is clearly a few grades above the materials used in a reasonable crawfish cooker like King Kooker. So you can be used as a homebrew kit for small events.

The cooker is translated to shorter water warm-up time than other cookers which does make a difference to some people. All this reason this is a great crawfish cooker if you want a premium boiler for some people or parent events. This is enough for 20 people.

The cooker is a versatile and helpful boiling unit designed with a stockpot of 44 quarts and it is fully stainless steel material with perforated basket. The amazing part of the cooker is that it is comprised of a stainless steel brew thermometer. The cooker unit is made out of stainless steel material and has a brew cooker kit integrated into it.

5.R & V Works Cajun Seafood Boiler

R & V Works Cajun Crawfish-Seafood Boiler 15-Gallon - CSB-30
  • Boils or Stems up to 40 lbs.
  • Material: Alumnium
  • Power Source: Liquid Propane
  • Hinged tilting basket

If you do not want to search for accessories elsewhere then R & V works cajun seafood boiler is for you. The best seafood boiler comes with a lot of goodies that include turkey hanger, stove stand, sauce syringe, thermometer, etc. The product is ideal for frying turkey and boiling seafood.

The crawfish cooker is also built to make your life much easier and especially it cooks a full bag of crawfish in one shot and with all the trimming in short order. It can make your life so much easier even it also a hinged tilting basket which allows you to easily dump the crawfish.

So this cooker is totally safe for you and more enjoyable. That can also make all kinds of seafood and veggies and has a very solid and rugged construction. Especially the cooker has perfect rubber wheels and a front axle with castors for incredible portability.


Most of the people love delicious food that is simple crawfish boil with a great quality seafood boiler. Because the cooker is especially large to accommodate a perfect amount of food that can feed many people. Our recommendation all these models supports both boiling and crawfish frying that makes the unit super excellent for outdoor events as well as thanksgiving.

And every user likes throwing parties in tailgating event then get perfect seafood boiler that cooks the crawfish perfectly and lasts long with minimal maintenance.

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