Best Scope Level – Top 5 Reviews

For fast search online will be sufficient to show you that there are many different types of levels available on the market. The scope level accuracy definitely varies. So before buying a scope level you need to consider which the best for you. You can also talk to your rifle manufacturers and select the level that works great with the kind of rifle and scope you’re working with. Find the top 100+ scope level most popular items in Amazon Best Sellers.

We’ve discussed here some scope level, which you can easily use and comes at a reasonable price.

List Of Top 5 Best Scope Level Review

#1.JIALITTE Rifle Scope Bubble Level

JIALITTE Bubble Level for 1in / 30mm Tube
  • Compatible with: 1-inch and 30mm Tube
  • Mounts quickly and easily to the tube
  • Use the bubble level can ensure that the device is completely vertical to the ground.
  • CNC machined using Aircraft grade 6061-T Aluminum to achieve highest level of precision

When you looking for scope bubble level, here we highly recommend the JIALITTE, which most popular on the market. It comes with a 1-inch and 30mm riflescope tube, helping you to ensure that the rifle is perfectly vertical. It has pretty price. For a professional scope level, this is a great way. The best scope level has lines for reference.

The kit has a variety of sizes, which uses aircraft aluminum. It is easy to use as other scope levels and it can be great for its workmanship.

#2.FIRECLUB Quick Released

This is the best scope level for its unique design. FIRE CLUB is not simply a bubble level for aiming assistant but has integrated a quickly released scope mount, which keeps your scope accurate and sturdy.

This is perfect for a 25mm/30mm scope tube. The streamlined eye-pleasing appearance blends in perfectly with traditional scope rings while helping to eliminate accuracy-robbing canting errors.It has featured a quick-release design, it is effortless to mount or remove.

#3. Vortex Bubble Level

Every serious shooter should have some kind of scope level fitted to her rifle. So here we highly recommend the vortex bubble level, which is great for you. It has pretty much reviews that products are better than those cheap scope mounts on the market.

The Vortex allows you to aim with one eye and quickly check your cant with the other. The scope level will help you avoid wasting time in repeatedly lifting your head above your scope to adjust your level.

This is budget-friendly, you can prevent cant errors from ruining the accuracy of your aim by looking above your scope and adjusting your rifle’s top turret so that it’s in line with the horizon.

It is durable and solid, the mounting of this product is quick and easy. With simply a screwdriver you can do it perfectly. The  Vortex Bubble Level Anti-Cant Device will show if a shooter is canting to the left or right.

#4. Discovery Optical Rifle Scope Bubble Level

Discovery optical Rifle Scope Bubble Level for 1in / 30mm Tube Riflescope Anti-cant used for...
  • Replace the 6mm diameter bubble level with 8mm bubble level to make it more visible on your rifle...
  • The thickness of bottom is only 2mm(for 30mm and 34mm) or 4.4mm(for 25.4mm) so it will fit most rail...
  • It is easy to install and to mount anywhere on scope tube left or right side, the ring is so light...
  • Makes it easy to maintain a perfect horizontal hold during extreme-range shooting. And matte finish,...

Our next recommendation, the Discovery optical Rifle Scope Bubble Level. So who looking for preferring high accuracy but does not want to pay too much money for it. It is a perfect scope level for an aiming assistant.  The best scope level is more visible since it has used a long bubble level.

The product will fit most rail systems and do not need to worry about your low profile scope rings. It’s full CNC machined with T6061 but not using the aluminum alloy sections.

The product is easy to install and to mount anywhere on scope tube left or right side, the ring is so light to carry and cannot block your view of hunting.

Makes Discovery optical Rifle Scope Bubble Level easy to maintain a perfect horizontal hold during extreme-range shooting. And matte finish, which reduce glare so that your position can be camouflaged at all times. It easy to use and it can be mounted anywhere on the scope tube.

#5. Green Blob Outdoors Scope Mount

Green Blob Outdoors (30mm) Scope Mount Dual Cantilever Flat Top Rifle Scope Picatiiny Rail Tactical...
  • Interchangeable top caps offering versatility for all of your applications
  • Riser Mount for Rifles with Picatinny / Weaver Rail
  • All heat treated steel and aluminum construction and Precise machining
  • For 30mm Scopes

Our final recommendation the green blob outdoors scope mount. Streamlined eye-pleasing scope level appearance blends in excellently with traditional scope rings while helping to eliminate accuracy- robbing canting errors.

It comes with a variety of features on the market, but the mounting of these products is always a pain. This is the best scope level, for it has solved this problem with its unique design.

Easy to install this scope level, you don’t need a screwdriver. Just need simple press and it will be tightly fixed together. The product is designed for a 30mm scope tube.

This scope level has a nice grip to the scope, making is trustworthy as an aiming assistant. It not bulky when being mounted on your rifle. In other words, it will not block your view of hunting.

#6.Knights Armament Base Mounted Level

Knights Armament Company Rail Mounted Anti-Cant Device Fits Picatinny Black Finish 30855
  • The KAC Rail Mounted Anti-Cant Device is a simple, low profile tool that helps precision shooters...
  • It incorporates a small bubble level into an aluminum base that sits low enough to permit its use...
  • Attaches to any M1913 Picatinny rail surface via a screw and clamp arrangement
  • Made In The USA

Everyone likes this scope level. Because the scope mounts to the scope base and is viewed by looking underneath the optic. That has a very low profile to make this possible but you must have the right rings for it to work properly. The best scope level is very solid and light.  It made of solid aluminum and bubble is very well protected making it harder to break with rough handling.

There is a most important advantage is there is nothing protruding from the profile of the rifle that can bump or get hung on things when being used in the field. Check out Top 10 best locking gas cap reviews by clicking here.


When you’re serious about the sport, having an anti-cant device fitted on your rifle is essential. The first and most important piece of equipment required is a good quality level for your rifle scope. The high quality of your rifle will also affect how well your level works to get rid of the cant error. The markings on the level indicate the degree by which your angle is off from the desired perpendicular angle.

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