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Top 10 Best Strap Wrenches of 2020

All-purpose and adjustable, strap wrenches utilize the tension of it to grip and turn without scratching what are being tightened. But choosing a good strap wrench isn’t always easy. You only need to make a quick trip to the strap store to see the perfect tool.

Too. Many. Choices. 

So how do you know which one of the best for your adjusting strap wrenches without damaging what’s being tightened?

To help make your purchasing decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best strap wrench around. We’ve rated these tools based on three key factors.

  1. Quality of ingredients
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Brand reputations
  4. Use benefits
  5. Why use

Based on our recommendation, the best strap wrench for oil filter brands covers a wide range of price, durability, performance and why best. Plus our craftsman friend loves this tool. That’s sort of important, for their work. Right?

Bestseller No. 1
Craftsman 2 Piece 16 Inch Rubber Strap Wrench Set, 9-45570
  • The large wrench manages items up to 6 3/8 inches in diameter
  • The small wrench manages items up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Straps are made of strong, reinforced rubber
  • Cushioned plastic handles are comfortable to hold
SaleBestseller No. 2
RIDGID 31360 Model 5 Strap Wrench, 5-inch Capacity Adjustable Strap Wrench,Brown
  • Ideal for use on any polished pipe
  • Durable polyurethane-coated woven nylon strap provides a tight grip and is easily replaceable
  • Features an extra-long 18-inch handle length and 29-1/4-inch strap length
  • 5-inch (125 mm) pipe capacity and 7-inch (175 mm) actual outer diameter capacity
Bestseller No. 3
TITAN 21315 12" Handle Strap Wrench
  • Overall length: 12-Inches | strap width: 1.05-Inches | strap length: 34-Inches
  • Tube capacity: 9-Inches | pipe capacity: 2-Inches
  • Works in tight confined areas and is ideal for use on any polished pipe and can be used on plastic...
  • Features a lightweight aluminum I-beam handle and a strong, woven polypropylene strap that grips...
SaleBestseller No. 4
RIDGID 42478 STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle, 3-inch to 8-inch Strap Wrench
  • The STRAPLOCK looks like a strap wrench, but provides a solid handle on hard-to-grip plastic pipe to...
  • Specialized strap for maximum grip and minimal marring even in cold and wet environments
  • Innovative locking design allows for repeatable applications
  • Rapid size adjustment allows you to quickly move between 3-inch (80 mm) and 8-inch (220 mm) diameter...
Bestseller No. 5
Oil Filter Wrench Set - 2pcs, Use as Jar Opener, Pipe Wrench, Rubber Strap Wrenches Used by Mechanics, Plumbers
  • ✔️️Can Be Used On - Automobiles, Tractors, Oil Filters, Glue Joints, Shower Heads, Fuel...
  • ✔️️The smaller wrench is great for removing nuts, bolts, caps etc that you can't get off, even...
  • ✔️️Large Wrench is adjustable up to 150mm/6" diameter, Smaller Wrench is adjustable up to...
  • ✔️️Perfect for Arthritic Hands, Weak Wrists, Plumbers, Mechanics, Craftsman and More
SaleBestseller No. 6
Boeray Multi-Purpose Belt Strap Wrench, 23"(585mm) Capacity Adjustable Strap and 12"(300mm) Steel Handle-Yellow
  • Easy to Use- Designed with anti-slip helical burr, more convenient for you to use;
  • Features an extra-long 12-inch(300mm) handle length and 23-inch(585) strap length;
  • It has three layers of tetolon, can withstand more than 100kg of pressure,more durable;
  • Forged steel handle, anti-rust and long life;
Bestseller No. 7
12 Inch Strap Wrench Pipe Nylon Strap Wrench Oil Filter Handle Nylon Belt Strap Anti-sliding Wrench Fixed Hand Tool
  • Non-slip design: the strap wrench provides gripping strength without scratching or deforming plastic...
  • Flexible to use: this strap wrench adopts rivet structure which is sturdy and durable, this strap...
  • Size information: the pipe strap wrench's handle measures approx. 12 inches in length, the strap is...
  • Durable material: made of quality multi-layer composite belt with bonded textured coating,...
SaleBestseller No. 8
GEARWRENCH 3/8" & 1/2" Drive Heavy-Duty Oil Filter Strap Wrench - 3529D
  • Strap is Made of High Strength Oil Resistant Nylon and Handle is Made of Forged Steel
  • Chrome Plated 3/8" and 1/2" Drive Engagement
  • Handles Filters With Diameters Up to 9" (229mm) Especially High Torque Requirements on Truck and...
  • Package dimensions : 1.0 inches (H) x 11.75 inches (L) x 6.0 inches (W)
Bestseller No. 9
Craftsman Rubber Strap Wrench, Small, 9-45533
  • Straps are made of strong, reinforced rubber
  • Cushioned plastic handles are comfortable to hold
  • Multi-use strap handles up to 4 inch diameter
  • Ideal for opening and closing bottles, jars, plumbing fixtures, oil filters, garden hose...
SaleBestseller No. 10
Lisle 60200 Heavy Duty Strap Filter Wrench
  • A heavy duty heat treated alloy steel yoke
  • Used to remove or install filters and other objects up to 6-1/2 inches in diameter
  • 3-5/8 inches long yoke fits into tight areas

You can use this tool a large strap to tighten and loosen objects. The tool works by gripping an object. Even strap wrench is most often used with oil filters, as well as things that are in tight or hard to reach places, and loosen. So this tool is so helpful and to keep around the home because of the key they tighten and loosen objects.

A strap wrench can be used for other different plumbing applications, particularly when a large crescent is unavailable. The craftsman strap wrench should be affordable, durable, and comfortable for craftsman works. Benefits of using strap wrench for oil filter. Unlike other hand tools designed to work with particular supplies, the best strap wrench is highly efficient, and it adjusts to almost everything. Here is the list of five tools that useful for craftsman.

Boa Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench

Boa Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench, BO13010
  • Grips, opens, unscrews and/or tightens almost any shape
  • Can be safely used on glass, plastic, wood, chrome and other sensitive surfaces without scratching...
  • Unique reinforced industrial-strength strap has a breaking strain in excess of 2000-lbs of pressure
  • The aluminum model has a heavy-duty alloy frame and an extra-long strap which grips shapes up to...

BO13010 Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench by BOA is probably the best strap wrench tool you can currently get in the market. When you need a perfect strap tool into your toolbox for occasional use, it is a perfect way for your work. The tool is so affordable enough to be attractive to the Weekend Warrior and provide attractive results on most household projects. So if you’ve got arthritis and are having trouble opening jars, it is a great way for you. The tool will do about 90% of what an average homeowner will need it to do.

However, this strap wrench for the oil filter is the tool’s overall different sizes as it’s the perfect length to fit comfortably in your hand. It is range of 6.5 inches, it will fit virtually any size object you wish to tighten. The tool comes with easy and cheap strap wrenches. Even the tool has a heavy-duty aluminum handle with a soft grip handle, meaning the tool won’t fall apart on you.


  • Perfect for tight jar lids.
  • The tool can heavy-duty aluminum alloy handle.


  • Doesn’t always grip well

OTC 7206 Multi-Purpose Strap Wrench

OTC 7206 Multi-Purpose Strap Wrench
  • Many uses for this heavy-duty strap wrench
  • 53 inch long nylon strap won feett mar precision surfaces of shafts pulleys or other components
  • Special head design self-tightens the strap as force is applied
  • Lightweight with a 12 inch long handle

The heavy-duty strap wrench much less than the RIDGID and still outperforms for what it costs. The OTC 7206 won’t turn absolutely everything like the RIDGID, but the tool good enough for just about every work around the house or craftsman. The strap wrench also smaller and lighter weight. So who is working upside down, our recommend tool can be quite.

While the tool good value compared to the Ridgid strap wrench, it’s still pricey compared to other strap wrenches. The strap wrench work on the most difficult work, but the short handle means that the work will be a little more awkward and difficult.

This is a perfect choice for those looking or craftsman to buy a multi-use strap wrench. The best strap wrench has a lightweight handle weighs only a pound and the nylon provides extra strength and durability. The craftsman strap wrench that comes with this wrench is 53 inches long which might be a bit too long if you just want a strap wrench for smaller things around the home.


  • The tool has great value.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Excellent performance.


  • Its handles are short.
  • Pricey

Ridgid 31335 1/2-Inch Strap Wrench

Ridgid 31335 1/2-Inch Strap Wrench
  • 31335 Wrench, 1 Strap
  • This item is used for Handtools & Tool Organizers ,Wrenches
  • This product manufacture by United States
  • Model 1

A Ridgid strap wrench is great for smaller works around the home. The Ridgid 31335 2-Inch Strap Wrench features a 2-inch pipe capacity, so the tool works with most pipes found in your bathroom. The tool is made of woven nylon and coated in polyurethane, giving it extra strength. The tool covers lifetime warranty and workmanship.

The tool works on everything, though you’ll want to exercise care around things with thin walls to avoid damaging the sides. The Ridgid 31335 2-Inch Strap Wrench is most powerful on the market and one of the biggest, too.



  • Great performance.
  • It unscrews everything.
  • First in class quality.
  • And most durable.


  • It can break through thin walls.

Grip-It Strap Wrench

Grip-It Strap Wrench, 1-1/2 to 5-Inch Capacity, 12-Inch Handle Klein Tools S-12H
  • Completely adjustable strap wrench
  • 1-1/2 to 5-Inch (38 to 127 mm) Capacity
  • Works in the tightest quarters
  • Urethane-covered, high-strength belting attached to lightweight, I-beam handle

The Klein Tools S-12H Grip-It 12-Inch Strap Wrench are ideal for grasping and turning round-shaped objects. It is lightweight, and it 1/2 inches to 5-inch capacity.  The Ridgid strap wrench as a stronger as any other tools on this list, but only weighs a little over a third a pound. It has an attractive design, which makes it easier to apply even amounts of high torque.


  • It can be used to hold a wide range of an item.


  • It is lightweight.

Reed Tool SW24A Strap Wrench

Reed Tool SW24A Strap Wrench, Pipe Capacity 2 - 12-Inch
  • Gripping power without scratching or deforming plastic or polished metal pipe
  • Polyurethane coated strap
  • Strap made of strong woven nylon
  • Pipe Capacity: 2-12"

The tool is on this list because it’s an extra-long length and heavy-duty construction. The Reed Tool 02250 SW24A Strap Wrench is 2 feet long and weighing in at five pounds, this tool is hefty. The Reed Tool strap wrench features a large pipe capacity range of 2-12 inches, making it versatile and capable of handling any work.

Who needs an extremely heavy-duty work done that tool lots of torque, it is great for you. This is our top recommendation. So if you’re looking for something the tool makes the most of your dollars, great candidate.


  • It for you need a separate tool for internal chamfer.

RIDGID 31360 Model 5 Strap Wrench

RIDGID 31360 Model 5 Strap Wrench, 5-inch Capacity Adjustable Strap Wrench,Brown
  • Ideal for use on any polished pipe
  • Durable polyurethane-coated woven nylon strap provides a tight grip and is easily replaceable
  • Features an extra-long 18-inch handle length and 29-1/4-inch strap length
  • 5-inch (125 mm) pipe capacity and 7-inch (175 mm) actual outer diameter capacity

The best Ridgid strap wrench comes to strap wrenches, there is no equal to the model 5. Losen the tool around any filter, this thing long handle, and it’ll turn. With this tool, you can everything, though you’ll want to exercise care around things with thin walls to avoid damaging the sides. This is a great helpful tool on the market and one of the super biggest, too.

The general drawback is that it’s also by far the most expensive strap wrench we looked at. Who need these types of tool, need it but it’s going to cost you plenty.


  • Great tool, and powerful.
  • It unscrews everything.
  • It is very durable.
  • Perfect quality tools.


  • The tool can break through thin walls.
  • Twice as expensive

Craftsman 2 Piece 16 Inch Rubber Strap Wrench Set

Craftsman 2 Piece 16 Inch Rubber Strap Wrench Set, 9-45570
  • The large wrench manages items up to 6 3/8 inches in diameter
  • The small wrench manages items up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Straps are made of strong, reinforced rubber
  • Cushioned plastic handles are comfortable to hold

The tool needs to toss into your toolbox for occasional use, it is a great option. The tool is affordable enough to be attractive to It delivers good results on most household jobs. So if you are got arthritis and are having trouble opening jars, this tool is for you. There you don’t expect more out of it. The tool builds to be a good basic and does great basic strap wrench work.

This is a perfect price tool. Who looking for something that makes the most your price, is a great candidate. If you need something that’s going to grip and turn, to spend more dough.


  • It is best to return on the dollar.
  • Perfect for tight jar lids.


  • The tool doesn’t always grip well.

HORUSDY 2-Piece Adjustable Strap Wrench

HORUSDY 2-Piece Adjustable Strap Wrench, Grip Wrench, Filter Wrench, Oil Wrench, Plumbing Wrench, Plumbers Srench (2-Piece)
  • Made of high quality rubber material, can protecting surfaces from scuffs and scrapes, strong and...
  • Flexible strap fits any shape, loosen them, tighten them or hold them without surface damage.
  • With comfortable handle and rubberized no-slip grip,which can ensures you have a firm grip at any...
  • Widely using in automobiles, tractors and home. Repair industry for pipe tubing, filters and the...

Then we recommend you the HORUSDY 2-Piece Adjustable Strap Wrench. It is not terribly expensive and it does a great job loosening stuck jar lids. These rubber tools are perfect for grasping and turning round or irregular shaped objects. The tool provides a secure non-slip grip on items up to 6 in diameter.

However, you’ll need a new tool for wrenches. The tools handles aren’t quite, but it also not solidly constructed. The tool earned our lowest rank of these five the old fashioned way, by not being a very good product.


  • Great for stuck jars.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It is cheap.
  • The tool is not great on anything but stuck jars.

A Quick Go-To Checklist For Selecting The Healthiest and Best Strap Wrench:

How frustrating it is when you want to loosen or tighten a certain piece. Currently, people have been improving their skills through online guides and the latest tools, one of which is strap wrench. Craftsman for tool brand took a trending product, helping its feature while loosening or tighten into an unrealized market opportunity and introduced it to the market with a unique positioning.

When you looking for a strap wrench, you’ll need to know some essential aspects before choosing it. Here we try compiled a list of many futures that need to consider before buying this tool.

The Length:

When you need the perfect kind of strap wrench, you have to see and understand how long you want itself to be. The tool length is going to determine the kind of work you will be able to do with the product you end up buying. If anyone wants to work with a large belt may not work well when you want to work on a small diameter object. So it a shorter strap will provide excellent performance. But before selecting this tool you should consider your needs.

The Craftsman Strap Wrench Material:

The craftsman strap wrench comes with a rubber strap, and some tool comes with nylon. This tool can be used for many different plumbing applications, especially when a large crescent wrench or channel-lock pliers are unavailable. The tool works fine. When you want to use it on a smooth surface, then a rubber strap will provide you with an excellent grip than nylon strap would provide.

Ridgid Strap Wrench Handle Size:

The right tool is that it can do it all. The best strap wrench unsung hero can help you with oil filters, showerheads, glue joints, faucets, taps, sinks, PVC, junctions, jar lids, and so more. When you want to replace a large oil filter you will get high performance from a large handle. Even if you work in a hard situation where space is limited, a smaller handle will be handy.

Buying Tips:

  • Select the right tool with a strap that is made out of the perfect material, is long enough and isn’t too wide. The strap wrench will enable you to it around your filter still have enough clearance. The longer the handle, the more leverage you’ll have when using the tool. If you plan to loosen a large pipe then you need a longer handle to compensate.
  • Be careful of the material that the tool is made out of. You want a material that will give you a solid grip and the strap powerful enough to withstand the torque of you pulling on it.

What Can You Use A Strap Wrench On:

This tool is most commonly used in plumbing and automotive applications. With this tool, you can use them on anything that you need to loosen. So you can use it on a jar with a lid that is too tight.


The strap wrench grip tool is a toothless tool, which provides a powerful grip to loosen any object without damaging the surface.  The best strap wrench handle is a high-quality tool that works well in tight spots. The best budget option is the nylon strap wrenches, and the Rubber strap wrenches, which some with two different sizes.

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